За нас

FEDE е утвърден български бранд, който заема своето място в света на модата и изкуството в България вече повече от десет години.
Нашата идея е да създаваме артистични, романтични, градски и приказни рокли, които да Ви накарат да се почувствате като принцеса по свой уникален и неподправен начин в най-специалните моменти от живота Ви.

Дизайнерът на FEDE

Viara Lazarova is a founder and fashion designer of FÈDE. Her truly love of art and fashion from a young age, led her to Italy, where she graduated Fashion Design from Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy.

Her experience at Versace Sport, Cappopera couture and on the forefront of fashion – Milan Fashion Week there, shaped Viara’s unique approach to fashion design.

Viara decided to come back to Bulgaria and launch her own brand with a lot of love and passion, with the idea to create artistic and wearable designs that underline the colorful personality of every bride she meets. Following this thread, the name of the brand comes naturally – “FÈDE” means “wedding ring” and “faith” in Italian.

With years, Viara created her own style, inspired by a fairytale aesthetic, with confident femininity and sharp tailoring.

In 2016 Viara and her team won the National “Golden Needle” Fashion Academy Award nomination “Fashion House of the year”.

FÈDE become a well-established fashion brand in Bulgaria. It’s a go-to choice for red carpet occasions and weddings for a number of celebrity clients – actresses, singers, TV-hostesses, business women and politicians.


We believe in the importance of small details, perfect stitches and high quality fabrics. We make your dress with love and attitude. We value innovation and love the classical feminine cuts, which gives us all the contrasts, needed to create your magical dress.