Hi, I'm Viara.The creator behind FEDE Art. I'm from Sofia, Bulgaria. I love to design unique clothes that make you feel beautiful, confident and inspired. That's what I do best. And I'm loving it! I am a wife and a mom of two beautiful children. My passion is fashion and art. FÈDE is my brand. It reflects who I am and what I love.

My Story

I am the founder and fashion designer of FÈDE. My passion about art and fashion led me to Italy, where I’ve graduated in Fashion Design from Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy.

My experience at Versace Sport, Cappopera couture and on the forefront of fashion – Milan Fashion Week in Italy, shaped my unique approach to fashion design.

I’m a romantic after all… So, I’ve decided to come back to Bulgaria. Out of love and passion I launched my own fashion brand. And out of faith I chose the name of the brand – FEDE – the Italian word for faith.
I’m lucky enough to have realized my dream to create artistic urban designs that underline the unique beauty of every woman.

My own design style was marked by each of my beautiful clients. It became a colorful mixture of fairytale aestetics, bold femininity and quality sharp tailoring.

In 2016 my fashion brand FEDE won the Fashion Academy Award “Golden Needle” in “Fashion House of the year” category.

FÈDE became a well-established fashion brand in Bulgaria. It’s a go-to choice for red carpet occasions , weddings and everyday look  for a number of celebrity clients – actresses, singers, TV-hostesses, business women and politicians.

In 2022 I have launched the new project of the brand – FEDE Art. It’s a fashion art line, inspired by my love for the divine art in Nature, the Impressionism Art and tha Abstract Modern Art.
Classic FEDE looks are now hand painted by me in beautiful vibrant colors. That’s my way to transform a dress into a painting.


My love for hand crafted art in practice…
my talented staff, my high quality fabrics, my belief in the importance of His Magesty the Detail, my unique attitude towards the art process – combining innovation with classical feminine cuts,
all the pieces that create that special FEDE Magic
All of it – in a single dress!