Our Brides

We present you the happiest ladies we know - our awesome FEDE Brides.
Every moment with you was an exciting experience for us and we look forward to every time you send us your wonderful pictures and heartfelt thanks. We are grateful to know you, thank you for choosing us, to be part of your most exciting magical day! Enjoy with us the lovely pictures of these beautiful, happy and glowing FEDE brides.

Christina Russeva

Christina chose for her Wedding day a long gentle tulle skirt SOFIA, combined with a specially created for her, finely decorated with lace, stones and flowers corset.
She was stunning and gorgeous… she looked amazing.


Dar Pavlova

As a protagonist of her Wedding Day, a captivating and infectious with her enthusiastic and artistic presence, Dar Pavlovа, chose a long gentle tulle skirt SOFIA, combined with a sophisticated top of French lace and small shiny sequins, created especially for her on her idea.


Doni Shikova

The love and sensation of beauty brought the glamorous and gentle bride Donny to our Bridal studio FEDE, so we created with great taste and attention the most beautiful dress for her – “in two parts” – a fine Emma silk corset, decorated with French lace, combined with our favorite tulle skirt Sofia.


Miglena Stoyanova

Miglena wore for her Wedding day a long gentle tulle skirt Sofia, in combination with our favourite light beige corset, decorated with a few layers of lace and sparcle stones. A translucent veil gently completes her beauty vision.

She is like a movie star, wearing FEDE bridal dress on her wedding day in her new world…


Vesselina Gatcheva

Vesselina was a very charmy and gentle bride. She chose to wear FEDE on her Wedding day. A long airy tulle skirt SOFIA, in combination with white silk corset NORA and beautiful sparkle lace top SMIRNA were complemented her bright and lovely look.