How to choose your perfect Wedding Dress?

The designer tips_Viara Lazarova

7 tips from Viara Lazarova, designer and founder of FEDE

When choosing your bridal dress for one of the most important moments in your life, each of you is approached in your very different way. An important moment for any future bride is the searching and spent lots of hours, browsing fashion magazines and the web, dreaming of every detail of the Wedding day, that is ahead of her. Everything starts with the dream wedding dress. There are a few simple, but very substantial rules for choosing the right dress for you:

1. Shop early

Take time to choose your dress at least two months before the Wedding day. Go to a place in the bridal boutique, that you have chosen and give yourself time to look, feel and know that this is your dream Wedding dress.

2. Find what you like

When choosing your bridal dress, it’s advisable to try dresses with different silhouettes and fabrics to feel which one is suits best to you. You can select three dresses with a different silhouette in the style you like and try each one of them. This way you will know which one is your Dress, or at least you will surely be heading for the direction in which continue searching the right one for you.

3. Be open

The tips of professional bridal consultants may reveal new surprising opportunities, so be open to new proposals. Sometimes a wedding dress that does not look so yours on the hanger – may be it will suits perfect for you when you put it on. So, trust in your consultant, because until you actually try this dress on, you never know how it will look like on you.

4. Trust your inner sensation

Feel what your feelings are about the dress, when you try it on. The most important thing about the ultimate choice is to trust your inner sense to shine with your own style and shine on your Wedding day.

5. Stay true to what you love

It is crucial to choose a dress you love and you like the most. It is a pleasure to share the moments of choosing your dress with your loved ones, your mother, your sister or your maid of honor, but in the end the choice for your dream dress is good to be yours.

6. Feel comfortable

One of the most important things for a future bride is to feel secure in her dress and to be the most beautiful on her Wedding day. This is achieved with a dress that is comfortable and individually selected for her. The dress have to fit her inner self. This is one of the most special days in your life and you should feel the most comfortable in the dress of your dreams. It’s good to feel free, to move lightly and to dance with pleasure. The dress should be light, but feel stable and such that not to think of it, but enjoy the moments.

7. Final touch

The accessories are the sweetest finishing part of the vision of the bride and it is good to be matched with your wedding dress. Depending on your model and style, you can choose lighter and more distinct proposals or very light and almost invisible accessories. The veil, as an accessory that creates a sense of airiness and festivity completes the bridal vision, is chosen to suit to the dress. Its length may vary both in the face and in the back. Natural garden flowers are also a good choice for an accessory for a very gentle and colorful look of the bride.

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